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Contractor Webmasters provides content writing services to contractors in the service industry. We do this as part of our pay per lead agreement which means the content writing itself is cost-free. Our team of content writers will craft web pages, designed specifically for your company. We do not scrape content from other sources, or automate our content using artificial intelligence. Aspects of our content writing services include:

Human Writers: Unlike some competitors, our content is written by human writers for human readers
Industry Knowledge: We have years of experience writing for plumbers, roofers, HVAC, remodelers, locksmiths, electricians, moving companies, and more
Scheduled Blogging: Our writers update your website each month with a new blog post which provides fresh content and encourages search engines to re-crawl your site
Keyword Research: Though we avoid keyword stuffing at all costs, we do disperse relevant keywords throughout appropriate portions of our content, based on industry research

Our content serves the same purpose as all of our marketing activities, generate more leads. To accomplish this task, written pages must be appeal to the search engine user, which as a result, appeals to the search engine itself. When you understand that Google’s priority is user experience, you should make it your own. That’s exactly what we do at Contractor Webmasters. Call 800-775-1250 for content writing services.
What Is Quality Content?
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Meeting to Discuss Evolving Quality Guidelines

The quality of a specific piece of web content is determined by its value to the reader. That value is determined largely by the standards of search engines, specifically Google. In their quality guidelines, Google encourages websites to be; unique, valuable, and engaging. While those adjectives are relatively vague, Google gets a bit more specific when outlining what not to do with your website content. Some of those specifics include:

Auto-Generated Content: Also known as machine writing, this method uses artificial intelligence to produce written pages
Doorway Pages: Pages whose sole purpose is to lead visitors to a separate, less relevant, web page
Invisible Text: Hidden words or links intended to rank for keywords that are not relevant to the visible page content
Link Scheming: Manipulating the link system with the intention of increasing domain authority and ranking higher on results
Scraped Content: Taking bits of content from various sources and throwing it out as your own
Sneaky Redirects: Deceptive redirection from the user’s intended destination to a less relevant page

It would be easy to say; don’t do these things and you’ll have quality content, but it is not that simple. While Google fails to offer specifics about what constitutes quality content, it provides enough information to get a general idea. Relevance is a factor of great significance. When we consider everything search engines ask us not to do (i.e. deceive users) it is reasonable to conclude that the opposite is what they are looking for. Producing relevant content that will satisfy the search query of the user is what will rank you atop of search results, and keep you there. Call 800-775-1250 for content writing services from Contractor Webmasters.
Labeling Features as Content
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Writers Implement YouTube Videos on Web Pages

When we think about content on our website, we often think about the written words on the respective pages. While this is indeed a vital component of web presentation, it is not the only feature that constitutes a label of content. In fact, content can refer to other web elements, including:

Advertisements: Intrusive advertisements can discourage user experience
Images: Optimized images on your web page are of great SEO importance
Links: Outbound links, to both internal and external sources, are part of your content
Videos: Embedded YouTube videos, or any other presentation of video is considered content

When you visit a web page in 2017, the presentation provides more than just words. The entire experience of the reader is shaped by the data in which they consume. This can span across a wide range of elements, but should always fall under the same ethical umbrella of user experience. Working against deception and manipulation while optimizing for relevance and engagement will make the rest of your content management ideals self explanatory.
Content for Lead Generation

Since pay per lead marketing measures success by one result, it is imperative to understand content’s part in the lead generation process. To visualize how written words translate to a human interaction, review the following steps:

Step 1: User visits website based on relevant search query
Step 2: User is engaged by well-written pages with attractive visual elements
Step 3: User becomes intrigued by the presentation of the services and feels comfortable pursuing them
Step 4: User performs easily accessible call-to-action (i.e. clicks phone number link on mobile browser)

After clicking the phone link, the visitor is connected directly to your office phone line from which you can complete the conversion process with relative ease. Every aspect of our marketing services work together to generate leads in this precise manner. If you are interested in learning more about the process, or simply wish to get started, give us a call at 800-775-1250.