Pros And Cons Of The Top 5 Content Marketing Systems Software

Pros And Cons Of The Top 5 Content Marketing Systems Software

If you have read anything about how to improve your website’s performance in terms of ranking on Google and sales conversions, who will know that content is a key factor. having great content on your website not only pleases Google but also helps convert visitors to your website into paying customers.

For content to be effective it needs to be written, designed, and published, and that is where the role of Content Management Systems (CMS) software comes into play. It also allows you to design and build an entire website using templates and page builders. Here are 5 of the best CMS software solutions you should consider, along with their pros and cons.

#1: WordPress

By far the most popular CMS software and a platform upon which no fewer than 64 million websites are built with at least 650 new websites being built using WordPress every day.


  • Huge flexibility to build just about any kind of website you wish
  • No restriction on its use in terms of what business you run
  • Built-in block editor to build web pages
  • Thousands of plugins to add functionality
  • Thousands of themes to design your website
  • Great for SEO


  • Requires a domain and hosting to be purchased
  • You are responsible for your website’s security
  • A huge number of options which can be overwhelming for beginners

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