10 Web Design Mistakes Your Property Marketing Business Website

10 Web Design Mistakes Your Property Marketing Business Website

If you are becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of results your property marketing business’s website is producing and wish to replace it, or you simply want to upgrade your website, then there is much to consider. If you seek the advice of an SEO company, they would advise you to choose who designs your website carefully. A professional web designer would be their foremost recommendation.

The reason this is so important is if you try to have a new website designed on the cheap, then the risk is that the finished website may have several errors that will negatively impact its performance, and it can also cause the loss of high rankings you have on Google. We could list 100s of potential mistakes that could occur, but we will instead focus on the 10 which are likely to have the most significant detrimental impact on your website.

Slow Loading Pages: A surefire way to lose visitors quickly and, subsequently your high Google rankings, is for your pages to load slowly. Load speeds must be tested before launching, and any reason for a slow-loading page must be rectified.

Auto-Play Videos: Although they might be desirable from a sales and marketing perspective, if you were to take a vote across the internet, you would find that the vast majority of people hate them and find them hugely annoying. Use video, but let visitors decide if they want to click ‘Play’.

Sub-Standard Content: A very common flaw in websites is that they do not contain sufficient amounts of content and even if they do, that content is often poor quality. Great content is loved by visitors and Google loves it too, especially when determining your website’s ranking.

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