Digital Marketing vs Traditional Methods Pros & Cons

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Methods Pros & Cons

Marketing methods have changed significantly over the past couple of decades. In the past, most marketing came in the form of newspaper, radio or television advertisements.

However, digital marketing has become huge as the internet has grown, which has led to the rise of things like search engine marketing, social media marketing and email marketing.

It is important to note that digital marketing methods are not perfect. Like traditional methods, they have their pros and cons – some of which will be explored below:

Digital marketing:

In this context, the term ‘digital marketing’ refers to any sort of online or internet marketing method. While these are extremely varied and different in the ways they are used, they are linked by one major thing – the internet.

Pros of digital marketing:

With digital marketing, you can reach a global audience, which is very beneficial for people with things like online stores.
Digital marketing can be very cost-efficient, especially when you are careful about the types you use and how you use them.
Digital marketing is monitorable, which means that you can see how effective your results are and who they are reaching.

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What is guest posting and why should you be using it?

What is guest posting and why should you be using it

There are various marketing techniques and terms that are thrown around regularly, but which many people don’t really understand. One of these is guest posting, or the process of paying to have an article published on someone else’s website.

But this seems illogical, right? Why would you pay to have articles added to someone else’s site when you could simply publish them yourself?

Well, this comes back to something called backlink building, which is a crucial part of a SEO companies list of their SEO services In this article, we’re going to look at the subject in more depth, explaining why guest posting is useful and why you should probably consider using it.

What Is Guest Posting?

As we’ve already explained, guest posting is the process of creating content and having it published on someone else’s website. In many cases, you will need to pay for this, but this isn’t always the case.

Now, guest posting is purely designed to help drive more traffic to your website. By adding links back to your site within your post, you can instantly gain more exposure and higher traffic levels.

In addition, backlink building is a great way to improve your SEO score. And as you may know, a good SEO score is crucial if you want to achieve a decent search engine ranking for relevant keywords.

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Why Hiring A SEO Agency Can Benefit Your Cabinet Making Business

Why Hiring A SEO Agency Can Benefit Your Cabinet Making Business

If you have decided the time has come to take on your competitors with regards to your cabinet making business’s website outranking them at the top of Google for the search terms used by your potential customers, then you have taken a positive step towards enhancing the success of your business. As the SEO experts at will confirm, ranking at the top of Google gives every business which achieves it, a huge advantage over its competitors.

There are several ways in which you can approach SEO and in particular who you might employ to plan and implement an SEO campaign for you. You could try it yourself, you could give the task to one of your employees, or you could hire an individual SEO freelancer, but the solution which is certain to provide you better results and more advantages than any of the other options, is to hire a professional SEO agency.

One of the key phrases in that last paragraph is ‘more advantages’ because although the other options might produce some great results, the overall benefits to your cabinet making business, and the return on your investment that using a professional SERO agency produces, is incomparable. To explain this further, here are some of the advantages we are referring to.

You Get To Focus On Your Business Whilst They Rank Your Website

You own a cabinet-making business and that should have your entire focus which is what hiring an SEO agency will allow you to do. Rather than you researching keywords, building links, and creating content, along with everything else required for your SEO campaign, the agency will do all that for you.

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3 Ways Your Web Hosting Company Can Influence Your Google Ranking

3 Ways Your Web Hosting Company Can Influence Your Google Ranking

If you have studied or read anything about SEO and how to use it to gain a better ranking on search engines, especially Google, you will no doubt know that there are literally hundreds of factors that influence where a website will rank for any particular search term. What will not normally be at the top of that list of factors is your website’s hosting service, and whilst it may not normally be considered as one of the major SEO influencers, it most certainly does play a role.

When we say play a role, more specifically we mean that the web hosting service you choose plays a role, and therefore it is important that you choose wisely. Carry out research on the hosting company, check its reviews, and if necessary contact them to ascertain if the hosting service you are considering is likely to help or hinder your SEO efforts. It will help in 3 main ways, which we have outlined below.

Where Your Hosting Company’s Servers Are Located

In truth, many website owners do not even know where the servers their hosting company uses are located, and it is likely that many do not even care, but they should. The reason they should care, especially if they wish to improve the search engine ranking of their website, is that the location of servers can affect the performance of the website, and particularly with respect to the experience of a visitor landing on that website.

This is especially the case if you are a local business, and your customer base lives in a particular geographical area. For example, if someone in Perth, WA searches for ‘pet groomers’ on Google, Google will prioritize within its search results car mechanic websites it knows are local, over websites that are not.

One way they identify a local website is via the IP address of its hosting server and if your hosting company has servers located in that area, or even in Australia, they will show up more often on search results than a website that is hosted on servers located in the USA, the UK, or Canada for example, even if the other pet grooming business is a local one.

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