Why A Responsive Website Design Is Essential

Why A Responsive Website Design Is Essential

Ever since the means by which people access the internet moved on from just desktop PCs to laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, the term ‘responsive web design’ has been in the vocabulary of anyone who works in, or has an interest in, web design. That should include any business owner who needs a new website designed because one of the critical design elements that they must insist upon is that their website is responsive.

If you have never come across the term responsive, or have, but are unsure what it means, let us cover that first. Having a responsive website means that when it is viewed, regardless of the device being used to view it, it displays properly. In other words, the website ‘responds’ to the device, and thus alters its dimensions and proportions so that text and images can be read and seen clearly.

Obviously, the fact that your website can be seen on all devices provides you with a huge advantage with regards to improving user experience, conversions, and the overall impression any visitor will have of your website and your business, but it is not the only reason why having a responsive website is important, as we are about to explain.

#1: Mobile Is Taking Over

One of the devices that a responsive website will be seen on properly is a mobile phone, and the importance of that increases every day. Why? Well, it is for the simple fact that mobile browsing has taken over from desktop browsing as the majority. In other words, there will be more online traffic coming from mobile devices than there will be from a desktop computer or laptop. That gap is only going to widen as the months and years go by.

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