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It is now confirmed by researchers that more people use the Internet to look for a new service firm than use the Yellow Pages.

In fact The Kelsy Group, stated that 70% of US Households use the Internet as a primary source of information, compared to 45% that use the yellow pages. Most use the internet for local shopping to find products and services.

They concluded that Local Internet Searches are destined to exceeed newspapers in popularity as a local shopping information source.

In general 27% of thier search pattern was for local information. Neilsen/Net ratings are similar showing 24.4% of all searches are local.

By adding local search placement to our Annual Hosting package we greatly increase the value of the service to you by increasing your (ROI) Return on Investment, driving these prospects who are searching locally for Plumbing Heating Cooling contractors in their area to your website.

We gain in turn by keeping your business on our servers longer.

Our Hosting Package now adds your company information to Google, Yahoo and Bing local listings as well as to several Local Directories active in your area such as and This is at no additional cost.

It is our way of saying thank you for your business.

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