Why use me to design websites for Plumbers?


a_rm-75Basically because I have over 20 years now doing just that. I have been gaining experience building, hosting and marketing websites for the Plumbing Heating Cooling contractors in the USA since 1995. I have also designed many of the PHCC State Association sites. I have designed and hosted hundreds of sites for the plumbing industry.

Today I use Word Press and/or Dreamweaver to design your plumbing sites so that they are responsive to what ever size device is viewing them. This is called being Mobile Friendly or Responsive Website design. It is a must in today’s Internet as Google has said that if the plumber’s website is not mobile friendly then it will not be included in the search results. That can be very costly as over 30% of the people who visit a plumber’s website are using mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones. We build your webdesignsites to look good on all of them.

I use the latest Adobe software for most of my graphics design but have many other highly efficient graphic development  programs to help design your web site to be an effective and profitable  tool.

The Sites are hosted on extremely High speed Servers on the backbone of the Internet with redundant connections, power backup and 24×7 personnel  onsite to ensure you up time. We use Bluehost.com as our server Host.

While I work as an Independent Contractor, I have a number of other  Independents like myself who specialize in many aspects of the  Internet. From Database to Programming we can help you find the right  solution.

My experience is in Sales. I believe the greatest help I can be to you as a designer is to design your site in such a way to help it sell your  services or products to your marketplace.

I’ve been talking a lot about me (Raymond Mills) or PHCweb Internet Contractor. But only as it relates to what you need as a plumber on the web. It can be confusing but you will see that we can make it easy, understandable and without spending a fortune. Give us a call today! 806-471-1142